Santana Portrait Package A - Rob-Riingen-Photography

Our composite portrait process

Step 1- Pre Purchase one of our specially discounted Portrait Package A, B or C below as a base package. Additional portraits and Digital download will also be available a la carte.

Step 2 - SMILE! Our portrait day is Sunday Dec 10. Please wear full "game ready" uniform and shoes. Look your best, you can wear your hair down and makeup is preferred.  

Step 3 - Within 2 weeks after picture day a private viewing gallery will be setup for you, a team representative will distribute your link & password. Those who purchased  a Pre Order package will receive priority. From within your private gallery, you will be able to review your green screen images , select between multiple custom background options, or  purchase additional images or downloads.

Step 4- email us with your background template & image selections. Within  7-10 days your new portraits will be designed &  reposted to your gallery . We will then ship your prints directly to your home.If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:

Students Name, School & Team
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