As a Photojournalist for the East County Herald I get the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people in our community doing some very wonderful things, I particularly love shooting family and youth events. Each picture below has a story- a child's first fish, the big game, meeting a real live pirate! To most it's just a picture, but for those who know the story, the image means much more, a frozen moment in their lives, an heirloom. I am so lucky that these people allow me to capture their story, and for that, photography will mean so much more to me than simply snapping pictures. Everyone is so busy these days, pictures are a great way for us all to slow down and experience a frozen slice of life here in the East County. So take a moment, press the slideshow button, enjoy these heirlooms and imagine the wonderful stories behind them. If you have an East County event that you would like covered, please contact me, I'll do my best to cover it. -R

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