San Diego offers so many beautiful  locations for photography, we are constantly seeking new locations for photo sessions but there are definitely those places where we tend to photograph more often. Below are just a few of those locations around town along with sample shots so you can get a feel for the venue.

Balboa Park- San Diego This San Diego landmark offers a wide variety of backgrounds for your session. From gardens to architecture, Balboa Park is always a top choice for photographers because of the variety and lots of great shade! Keep in mind that this is a big San Diego tourist attraction so on weekends it can get very congested. Early morning is my favorite time to shoot here for all you early birds but the park is so huge it's never that hard to find private spots to shoot. We've been shooting here for years we and we are still finding new cool places in the park we didn't know about. Tip- the tamales at the hot dog stand by the Prado are sooo yummy!

Old Poway Park-Poway   A very popular park among local photographers because of the variety and greenery. Some weekends it's comical with the amount of shutter heads trying to make a living. The reason it's so popular is that it is close, parking is great, and the park offers a crazy variety of elements. The park features a great tree covered pathway and other interesting elements like railroad tracks, railroad cars, a train house and gazebo. Tip- after the shoot walk on over to the Hamburger Factory and grab a slider and shake!

Wind & Sea Beach- La Jolla Lets face it, San Diego has some of the prettiest beaches in the country. Wind & Sea in La Jolla is one of our favorite probably because of the awesome shore break of the waves and the interesting rocks that fall beautifully into the ocean. As the sun sets, these rocks can take on more of an orange tint which is pretty sweet. One word of caution about beach sessions… it's the beach, more often than not it's not perfect there. Many days its overcast and sometimes windy. Be flexible, if you aren't into getting a little sandy or wet, you may want to think of another location. With beach sessions I always like to have a plan B in case the wind whips up, wind can be  a photo session killer. Expect parking to also be a challenge here, remember this is one of the most unpopulated beaches in San Diego and a lot of the reason is because parking is limited.

Dos Picos Park- Ramona Dos Picos is probably one of the quietest parks I've ever seen. There is almost always no one here even through it offers some great spots for photography. Maybe it's because it costs $5 per car to get in. The park is great for shade & vegetation and to see a little fall color in San Diego. The cleanliness of the lake is hit & miss at times but the greenery is usually always good. Another cool part of this park is that it as a nice rock lined pathway way, a gazebo and a couple of small bridges that make interesting photo elements.

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