Your team is not average, so why take the same old boring team portraits? At Rob Riingen Photography we create stunning team portraits to give your team an edge over the rest of the league.

COMPOSITING is a process where individual images are taken of each subject against a green screen, extracted, then combined together with the other players against a custom designed background image in post production. Your team never actually gets together in a single group! By nature, Composite images can be more energetic, surreal, and motivational, which is why most Hollywood movie posters utilize this process. Let's face it, Composite Designs are just more BA compared to traditional portraits! We have found that once players see a sample of the final design (and they realize it won't be just another boring group photo), they really get into the photo session and this is where the magic happens. Because of the additional production & design labor involved for each individual, Composite Portraits cost a bit more than the traditional single-image Team Portrait, at  Rob Riingen Photography, we have perfected this process in order to deliver these images at an affordable price with ZERO cost to the team.

Composite images also have some big advantages over traditional portraits like:

- Portrait day is a breeze, typically only requiring 1-2 minutes per player at your facility.

- Perfect lighting on each individual. We only use professional lighting gear.

- Final team image yields perfect pose & placement of each individual.

- Energetic, Super Hero like sports-poster look and feel.

- Had a player drop off the team? No problem

- Final image is perfect for future team advertising, fund raising, social media, season schedule & game day posters & banners

We also do high-quality traditional team portraits,TRADITIONAL TEAM PORTRAITS are single image shots photographed at your school or location of your choice. We always use professional strobes in order to ensure even lighting and create crisp images with pop. Team names and logos are added to the final portrait at no extra charge. Missing a teammate? no worries, we can plan for this with spacing and add that person later in post production.

INDIVIDUAL MINI SESSIONS- When the team gets together all in uniform, it's a great time to take individual and buddy pictures with each child to showcase his or her individual sense of style and provide you with a great variety of images to choose from. Typically, mini sessions run about 10 minutes and they are a great way to complete your portrait experience.

Let's face it, there are millions of people with cameras today that can photograph your kids, but it is your responsibility to ensure that the people you hire to bring to your school or event are professionals. Rob Riingen Photography is a veteran owned, fully licensed and insured professional portrait company with years of experience photographing at the K-12 and collegiate levels here in San Diego. We are standing members of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the largest and most respected organization in the country for Professional Photographers. We are also fully credentialed photographers registered and vetted by the San Diego Police Department for the past 7 years.

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