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Those who know me, know that I am most passionate about my family. My drive to be the best husband and father I can be has also inspired me to seek all other passions in my life. Like many other photographers, my skills were honed from capturing images of the the most important people in my life, my family. These pictures instantly became heirlooms, allowing us to relive the memories of our lives together, images that grow more and more priceless as time goes by. The next time you view an image from your past, be aware of the emotions that you feel, are you happy, are you sad? Regardless of the emotion, this is the  close relationship a photograph can have with our emotions. It is for this simple experience of emotion that I am passionate about family photography, and why i wish to help capture these special moments in your life!

I would characterize my style as a throwback classic photographer, meaning I pay particular attention to lighting, composition, perspective and those eyes! Eyes are the "windows to our souls" and it is almost always a focal point in my portraits. I am not a big fan of off-the-shelf Photoshop filters that are all the rage these days. Don't get me wrong, these are awesome tools, but I think that a great photograph stands on its own and filters or effects can always be added later. A lot of effort is made to get a great image directly out of camera so very little needs to be done for proofing. Because of this, I can often deliver proofs to my clients within 3-5 days.

Rob Riingen Photography currently serves San Diego County, I offer lifestyle portrait photography, specializing in families, teens, children, and team sports. All photography sessions are on-location, meaning the studio comes to you. I can photograph at your home, in your neighborhood, at a local park, or at the beach. I use mostly off-camera strobes and reflectors to create images with deep color saturation and pop. Have an idea of the look you’d like but don’t know where to find it? During your consultation session I will work with you to choose the ideal location for our photography session.

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